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Ozmosys solves the critical issue of getting the right information to the right people at the right time for firms both large and small. Our years of experience and dedication to account services and technology is our unique approach that sets us apart and  makes us successful.

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Competition is ramping up. Over 50% of clients will be changing their outside counsel this year and new entrants to the market, from boutiques to ALSPs are chipping away at demand. 

Marketing + Business Development professionals require market intelligence to create client stickiness, provide a competitive advantage when winning new business, and even surface opportunities for cross-selling. 

Ozmosys helps marketing professionals get those insights before anyone else.

Ozmosys' AI-powered platform delivers the broadest feature set of any intelligence platform and offers the most customizable integrations to ensure you capture even hard to find knowledge that can make or break a relationship.

As service providers to a vast array of stakeholders in the firm, information professionals must be informed of relevant news across a range of swiftly evolving business trends which may impact the firm, its attorneys and their clients. 

But efficiently accessing the best, most accurate information has been a challenge. Librarians struggle with too many alerts, content subscriptions, and don't have adequate insights into usage. 

That's where there's Ozmosys. Content agnostic, our best in class offering includes Ozmosys' curated collection of high-value legal and business news sources as well as the capability to pull data from almost any content source to expose hard-to-find knowledge and turn it into actionable insights for law firm stakeholders.

Ozmosys helps knowledge professionals streamline information and get it to the right people faster.

To be efficient and remain competitive, all law firms must master the content they produce by collecting it and leveraging it for the benefits of our clients and the firm. This is knowledge management and one thing all law firms need to do in order to best provide excellent service- but most firms are challenged by small KM teams that must do the work of much larger groups of professionals.



Actionable Insights. Faster.

Ozmosys is the leading, AI-powered, intelligence platform for the legal industry. 

With Ozmosys, your firm will be the first to know, period. Your department, your attorneys,

and your firm stays ahead of the game.

Ozmosys' Full Rest API integrates with any external or internal application, ensuring our clients

have unmatched intelligence reach.  We couple this incredible depth with our extensively  trained

AI- powered platform to ensure the right person is delivered the right information at the

right time—every time. 

No more news from the firehose.  This is what market intelligence should be.

Take Advantage of New Tech

Remove Irrelevant news stories with Boosted A.I. Relevancy with GPT 

Finally, Stop the noise and junk entering your inbox. Take advantage of new technological advances such as transformers and GPT to remove unwanted news results. 

Don't miss critical news with A.I.  powered Contextual News &

Press Release Search

Advanced AI-powered search understands context, not just keywords, for the most relevant, accurate results from an attorney’s point of view. 


Enhance Reporting & Analytics with Centralized Subscription Management

Organize, manage and support firmwide third-party subscriptions, email newsletters, and news alerts from one platform for accurate usage and ROI analyses.

Increase Data Interoperability/APIs and ROI

Integrate with more major content publishers and databases, U.S. federal and state legislation and agencies, library systems, and SSO services for efficiency and cost savings.


What Our Clients Say

Morgan Stanley
"Ozmosys lets me provide personalized information to professionals worldwide. It provides a great way for the library to take a proactive role in directing the right information to each individual. Setting up customized e-mails containing publications and alerts from hundreds of sources is easy through Ozmosys" 
Davis Polk
"Ozmosys is the better product.
Why settle for less?"


" delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. Subscription management used to be an administrative nightmare. With Ozmosys, managing all of our subscriptions is simple"


Eric Gross
Founder & CEO
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Donna Terjesen
Chief Strategy Officer
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Boris Eibelman
Chief Product Officer
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Cecilia Whang
Chief Experience Officer
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